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Hotels near Asklepieion, Kos, Greece .

The Asklepieion of Kos was actually a sacred hospital as per Greek mythology that was later converted into a church. The origin of the Asklepieion of Kos owes to a mythological tale carried over centuries about how Koronis, wife of Apollo was unfaithful to her husband and as a result plunged into flames. Their son, Asklepieios, was then handed over to the centaur Hiron who parted his secrets of herbs and cures to the boy. Later, Asklepieios grew up to be the God of Medicine and in his honor there were several worship places built which later turned into centers for healing and medicine. 300 sacred hospitals called Asklepieions were built all around Greece and one among the significant sacred hospitals was the Asklepieon of Kos.

Located about 3 to 4 kilometers from Kos, the ruins of the Asklepieion of Kos give the visitors an inkling of what went on in these sacred hospitals. The Asklepieion was divided into three different levels. The first level has galleries that may have been used as convalescing rooms and hot baths. At the second level is the altar dedicated to Apollo of Cypresses. One can also find a temple of Apollo, a treasury room and a platform semi-circle in shape which was probably used for meetings among doctors. One can also find a temple in the honor of Emperor Nero. The third level provides a spectacular and beautiful view of the ruins. It contains a few rooms dedicated for treatment and a temple based on Doric architecture. If you look at the eastern section of this level, you might come across a slab that has the letters ICXP engraved on it. This is considered to be the Byzantine symbol representing Christ through which one can draw the conclusion that the Asklepieion was converted into a church.






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