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Aswan International Airport

Hotels near Aswan International Airport, Aswan, Egypt .

The Aswan International Airport is one of the international airports in Egypt. The said airport is located in Aswan city, and it has a runway that spans 11161 feet or 3402 meters long. The said airport is also known as the “Daraw Airport” and as of 2008, it has served 1,106,863 passengers – an increase of 13% has been noted compared to the statistics gathered for 2007.

The airport is operated by the government and it is a public type of airport.

Airlines that include Aswan Airport in its routes include Air Memphis, Astreaus, EgyptAir, Iberworld, and Lotus Air. Both domestic and international flights are being operated by the airport, so common destinations include Abu Simbel, London, Cairo, Luxor, Cairo, and Madrid.







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