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Barcelona International Airport

Hotels near Barcelona International Airport, El Prat de Llobregat, Spain .

Barcelona International Airport (BCN) sits 10km from Barcelona, the capital of Catalunya in northern Spain. The second-largest airport in the country behind Madrid, BCN is an international hub that hosts major airlines from within the EU and UK (budget airlines land at Reus airport, 80 km away). The intercity air shuttle between Barcelona and Madrid was, until recently, the busiest of its kind. Since the 2008 opening of the high-speed train between the two cities, however, this (often expensive) service has been scaled back. Despite being heavily trafficked, BCN is easy to navigate and has the feeling of a much smaller town's airport. All three terminals are housed in one space on a single level, all customer service staff are bilingual and transfer coaches are frequent as well as easy to find. A 20 minute coach ride from BCN to the centre of Barcelona costs less that 5 Euro. Alternatively, the train runs directly from the airport to Barcelona Sants (the main train station in the city). Tickets are less than two Euro and the trip takes around ten minutes. Hotels in the area are all well-equipped and inexpensively priced at around US$70 US$100 per night. There is nothing particularly distinctive about the accommodation though: Airport hotels are much the same anywhere in the world and Barcelona is no exception. A very pleasant and comfortable stay, but not somewhere to linger. The best choices would be the Renaissance Barcelona Airport Hotel and the Best Western Alfa Airport hotel, for their combination of services, facilities and proximity to the airport. Surprisingly for an international destination, BCN is deserted at night, and can be a little eerie. Safety is not a concern though: The airport has high-quality surveillance systems and a strong track record of low crime.





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Barcelona International Airport