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Belfry and Halles

Hotels near Belfry and Halles, Bruges, Belgium .

The Belfry and Halles, Bruges, Belgium is a mediaeval bell tower prominently situated in Bruges city centre. It formerly housed the treasury and municipal archives. Visitors may climb the tower, which leans around one metre to the east, for a fee, and there are 366 steps to the top. The bell tower adjoins the former Market Hall, and was added in 1240, then rebuilt in 1280 following a fire. The octagonal upper stage dates back to the 1400s and the final Gothic parapet was added in 1822. The Tower has a carillon of 48 bells, which dominated the social lives of the inhabitants of the city, they marked fires, danger, work times and social and religious events.

Bruges is the capital of Belgium, the egg-shaped centre of which is marked as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It lies off the coast at Zeebrugge (SeaBruges) and is a canal-based city. It prospered over time due to its links to the port and because of its woollen industry. Attractions include the Church of Our Lady in the old town, The Kruisport, old city gate and the winding cobbled streets and buildings of the old city.

Hotels near the bell tower include Martin's Brugge, which has three stars and is just behind the Belfry, close to restaurants and the square. It offers Martin's Bar and a room here costs from 72 Euros per night. The Best Western Hotel Acacia ( has four stars and is situated in the market square. It offers a bar and terrace, pool and sauna. A room here costs 198 Euros per night.






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