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Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive

Hotels near Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, Berkeley, United States .

The Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive boasts an incredibly diverse collection of contemporary art. Founded in 1963 after a generous donation from artist and professor Hans Hoffman, the museum officially opened in 1970 and has remained a hotbed of art and film ever since. The very distinctive Modernist building was actually the result of a contest for the most interesting design.

A number of famous and controversial artists have had their art shown here, from Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko to Robert Mapplethorpe and Joan Brown. In total, the collections and exhibitions that have shown here number more than 16,000 individual works of art. The Pacific Film Archive boasts equally impressive numbers, with a collection of 14,000 films and videos. The lofty goal for the PFA was for it to be the States-side counterpart to the famous Cinematheque Francise in Paris, a center that revolutionized the study of film through appreciating, screening, and preserving copies of films. With a number of screenings open to the public each year of rare and innovative works, as well as the opportunity to peruse the film and video collection for research and viewing, the center definitely achieved its goals.

Any film or art lover visiting Berkeley shouldn't miss out on this incredible museum/archive combination. Currently, the museum is open on all weekdays, and the film archive is open from one until five, Monday through Thursday. Special screenings vary depending on the series. Just a short drive from San Francisco, a number of hotels are close by as well, including Bancroft Hotel, Hotel Durant, and Beau Sky Hotel.

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