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Bhopal Airport

Hotels near Bhopal Airport, Bhopal, India .

With consistently available flights to Delhi, Indore, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Byderabad and Raipur, Bhopal Airport is conveniently located in Bhopal, in the state of Madhy Pradesh, India. More formally and popularly known as the Raja Bhoj Airport, it is found in the Bairagarh vicinity which is a mere fifteen kilometres away from the centre of the city. Two airlines are available in this airport including Indian Airlines and Jet Airways.

Bhopal Airport is distinctly the gateway to the Indian city of Bhopal. Bhopal is a city that was founded by Raja Bhoj but was developed and improved by an Afghan soldier named Dost Moahmmed. Bhopal is aptly known as the City of Lakes as the area is covered with an array of beautiful lakes. It is an old yet new city and is approximately 741 kilometres away from the capital city of Delhi.

Airport amenities include an information desk for any information you may need for tourist spots, attractions and city tour guides. Popular areas to visit in Bhopal are the Bhojpur, Sanchi, Rock Shelters of Bhimbetka, Islamnagar, Delawadi, Taj-ul-Masajid, moti Masjid mosque, Gohar Mahal, and the Udaygiri Caves. Hotels in Bhopal are the Hotel Lake View Ashok and the Palash Residency.







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Bhopal Airport