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Big Buddha

Hotels near Big Buddha, Koh Phangan, Thailand .

This is a popular area in Kho Phangan that is famous for the gigantic statue of a golden Buddha. The statue is part of a modern Buddhist temple that, although not as graceful or as beautiful as most Budhhist temples, is a natural crowd drawer because of its gigantic golden resident. Big Buddha is 12 meter high and sits on a small islet connected to a larger main island by an unpaved causeway. The place is a typical destination for day trippers and tourists. One enters the large paved courtyard guarded by the statue of a dragon. A flight of stairs leads to the platform where the giant statue sits. Snorkeling, shopping and sightseeing are only some of the many activities one can do in Kho Phangan.

Accommodations and beach resorts abound aroud the area where the Big Buddha can be found. These include the Karmakamet Aromatic HotelSAboey Resorts and Villas, the Punnpreeda Hip Resort and the Samui Pier Beach Front Resort. Other options include the Santhiya Resort and Spa, Delight Resort and Milky Bay Resort. The Santhiya Resort and spa features facilities naturally intertwined with the geography of the place. Private pools are built around trees and natural rock formations giving the whole place a natural feel. The Milky Bay resort is located on the white sandy beaches of Ban Tai. The hotel features beach side amenities such as a barbeque grill, volleyball courts, a ping pong table as well as a bar with pool tables.







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Big Buddha