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Borisova Gradina

Hotels near Borisova Gradina, Sofia, Bulgaria .

Borisova Gradina

Borisova Gradina is the one of the oldest and best known parks in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. Its construction and arrangement began in 1884 and it was named after Bulgarian tsar Boris III.

The history of the garden reminds of three periods under three renowned gardeners. All followed the initial sketch, analyzing it and developing it further instead of making any radical changes to the original design. In 1882, Sofia’s mayor, Ivan Hadzhienov brought the Swiss gardener, Daniel Neff from Bucharest in order to create a garden for the capital of Bulgaria. The mayor's initial plans included first arranging a large nursery where trees, shrubs and flowers for the future garden would grow, also procuring material for the already existing gardens and for the streets. The other 2 managers of the garden were Alsatian Joseph Frei in 1906 and Georgi Duhtev in 1934.
Around 1942 the Summer Swimming Bath, the University Observatory, the Open-air School, the Big Lake, the Yunak and Levski football fields, the tennis club, the diplomatic tennis court, the cycling track and the Yunak Rectifying Station were inaugurated.
The nearest airport to the gardens is Vrazhdebna, 5.4 km away. Other beautiful sites that canvisited in Sofia located close to the gardens are: Bulgareklama Inter Expo Centre, the National Palace Of Culture, the National Assembly building, also the Central Bath House Sofiaand the pleasant Oborishte park. The largest shopping area is Vitosha boulevard and one can also enjoy Vasil Levski National stadium and the luring restaurants and bistros in the neighborhood.
Visitors are welcomed in some of the most elegant hotels in Sofia such as: Lozenetz Hotel, Crystal Palace Boutique Hotel, Greenville Hotel, Radisson Blu Grand Hotel ,prices starting from € 48per night.






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