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Borkum Airport

Hotels near Borkum Airport, Wilhelmshaven, Germany .

The Borkum Airport (BMK) is situated less than half a mile to the east of the city of Borkum, the capital of the island located in the Leer District in the Lower Saxony region of Germany.

With the island recognized as one of the top tourist attractions in the country, BMK experiences a heavy flow of tourists that from some of the major airports surrounding BMK. BMK is a small airport, comprised of one asphalt runway and two grass-laded runways. For this reason, only ultralight and motor glider aircrafts are allowed to land here. There are no international flights that land here in BMK and as such, travelers coming from different countries of Europe and other parts of the world would need to arrange connecting flights from some of the major international airports surrounding BMK to the island.

The entire island of Borkum is generally a car-free zone in order to preserve the beauty of this exotic island which is known for its pristine beaches and health resort facilities. Nevertheless, one would not need to walk very far in order to reach your hotel. Some of the finest hotels are actually situated within a 1 mile radius surrounding BMK. The rates of the hotels located near BMK are extremely affordable, with rates beginning as low as $45 a night. All of these hotels come fully equipped with non-smoking rooms, saunas, swimming pools, laundry and ironing services and wireless internet connections. Some of the most popular choices for tourists visiting the island of Borkum include the Hotel Graf Waldersee, Inselhotel VierJahreszeiten and Strandhotel VierJahresZeiten.






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