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Botanischer Garten Oldenburg

Hotels near Botanischer Garten Oldenburg, Oldenburg, Germany .

Oldenburg Botanischer Garten Botanischer Garten aka der Carl von Ossietzky-Universität Oldenburg, is a botanical garden (3.7 hectares of public space in Philosophenweg, plus 1.5 acres not open to the public in Küpkersweg), administered by the University of Oldenburg. Its code of international recognition as an institution and its botanical herbarium is OLD.
The garden was established in 1882 as a teaching garden, enhanced in 1913, and in 1916 with the increase of a systematic garden (still existent) with 1200 species of plants in the area of Oldenburg and Lower Saxony.
In 1932 four divisions were created for the species from the next biogeographic zones Boreal, Atlantic, Mediterranean, and Pontus, with an additional area for the species in the central highlands. From 1933 the garden was managed by the city of Oldenburg, and in 1951 its administration was taken by Lower Saxony and expanded to its current size. Its areas of heath, marsh, dunes, and forest were readjusted in 1966, as well as the garden of medicinal plants in 1967, and in 1968 created a department of plant communities of central and southern Germany. In 1976 the garden was incorporated to the University of Oldenburg, and in 1984 it was added the site not opened to the public in Küpkersweg.
Currently, the botanical garden is a scientific institution dedicated to research and teaching university. There are currently in cultivation 4000 taxa of plants from around the world. The Garden hosts numerous cultural events, art exhibitions, educational tours and seminars and is open to the public throughout the year with no fee. In order to get to the garden there are available various means of transport such as taxi, buses (306 or 308), train (Oldenburg station) or by car.
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