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Bournemouth Eye

Hotels near Bournemouth Eye, Bournemouth, United Kingdom .

The Bournemouth Eye is a tethered balloon, attached to the ground by a steel cable. It is filled with Helium, and lifts visitors to 500 feet, providing views over the English Channel and surrounding countryside.

Bournemouth is situated on the southeast coast of England, and hence has a drier, sunnier climate. The sandy beach is several miles long, and Boscombe Beach is the first artificially made surf reef. The main industry is tourism, and there are numerous clubs, bars, hotels, restaurants, theatres and shows throughout Bournemouth.

There are numerous hotels in Bournemouth, but those close to the Eye are the Best Western Connaught Hotel has three stars and is located centrally on the West Cliff, 500 metres from the beach and town centre. A room here costs from 45 per night. ( The Russel Court Hotel has two stars and is in the town centre, a short walk from the beaches. It is a non-smoking hotel, and a room here costs from 29 per night.






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