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Bratislava Main Station

Hotels near Bratislava Main Station, Bratislava, Slovakia .

Bratislava Main Station

Bratislava Central Station is the main station of the Slovak capital, Bratislava.
The central station is a transit station located approximately 1.3 kilometers north of the Old Town (Stare Mesto).It takes about 15 minutes to get to the Old Town on foot.
On the 2nd of February 1883 the present railway line Bratislava-Žilina was finally opened. Due to its cramped location at the foot of a mountain, there are hardly any expansion options. Here are several important national and international railway lines coming together, including the European highway lines, like: Berlin - Prague - Brno - Bratislava - Budapest (- Bucharest): Pan-European Transport Corridor VI and Vienna - Bratislava - Žilina - Katowice (Poland) (Corridor No. VI) and Žilina - Košice - Uzhgorod (Ukraine) (Corridor Va).
The closest airports to this railway station are: M R Stefanik, Schwechat and Pieštany. Bratislava creates in this location a most luring venue with its charming surrounding sand exquisite landmarks, a few of which are: Bratislava Castle, St. Michael's Gate, The Primate's Palace, St. Martin's Cathedral, Grassalkovich/Presidential Palace, the Slavin memorial cemetery, the Slovak National Theatre - historical building, the Chatam Sofer Memorial. The most popular shopping centers in the area are: Polus City Shopping & Entertainment Center and Aupark Shopping Centre.
Luxurious hotels, either traditional, or modern ones fill the enchanting streets of Bratilava near the Central Station, offering the best accommodation possible. Crowne Plaza Bratislava, Falkensteiner Hotel Bratislava, Hotel Arcadia, Hotel Michalska Brana, Skaritz Hotel & Residence, are only some examples, prices starting from € 68 per room, per night.






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