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Braunschweig / Wolfsburg (BWE)

Hotels near Braunschweig / Wolfsburg (BWE), Bispingen, Germany .

Braunschweig-Wolfsburg Airport (BWE) is located on the northern region of the city of Braunschweig and in between the towns of Hanover and Magdeburg.

BWE is primarily used by travelers coming in to the city of Braunschweig through their private and business jets. As such, very minimal facilities can be found here. The airport is mainly used for aeronautical research and testing. It is frequented by professionals from different airline companies for the testing and certification of their newest aircrafts which they would incorporate in their fleet of aircrafts to cater to their clients. Although there are instances when some flights are diverted from nearby Hanover International Airport into BWE, there is currently no move to increase the inflow of commercial travelers using BWE as a port of entry.

To cater to the professionals traveling into BWE and conducting testing and certification in the airport, there are a number of different hotel accommodations within the vicinity of BWE. The rates of these accommodations range between $50 and $205 a night. These hotel room reservations come with complimentary breakfast, facilities for disabled guests and wireless internet access. Hotels that are three stars and above provide a variety of other facilities such as complimentary airport shuttle service, family rooms, fitness centers, spa and wellness centers, and facilities for travelers bringing their pets during their stay.

BWE is located within the province of Lower Saxony, which is rich in its cultural heritage and tradition. Many tours to the different attractions and sights in the city such as Brunswick Cathedral, Rizzi Haus and the Richmond Palace can be coordinated through the front desk of the hotels situated within the BWE vicinity.






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