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Bronllys Castle

Hotels near Bronllys Castle, Brecon, United Kingdom .

Bronllys Castle is a Norman castle from the 11th century with inner and outer baileys. The fifty feet high 12th century stone is perched atop an earlier motte overlooking the River Llynfi and Talgarth, but the inner bailey curtain wall has completely disappeared. The entrance to the tower is on the first floor. At first sight, this former Norman fortress seems compact, squashed into the property that once formed the baileys of the castle. The 80 foot tall is still foreboding even in ruin, as it looms directly overhead and appears ready to topple over in your way. This round keep has persevered for centuries, and, thanks to the care of CADW: Welsh Historic Monuments and the ongoing support of the public, it is sure that this will survive another 800 years. Richard FitzPons built the first castle at Bronllys, which was a typical Norman motte and bailey stronghold. Situated on a well-appointed site overlooking the junction of two rivers, the Llynfi and Talgarth, the castle guarded the main route into Welsh territory. While the castle was not involved in much military action, it did play an important role in maintaining Norman dominance in the region. There are a few places that offer accommodation near Bronllys Castle, the Cobbles cottage is 1.7 miles from Bronllys Castle and provides accommodation for 4 people and the rates are approximately £200. Upper Panteg Barn is about 3.6 miles away, sleeps 4 people and the rates are £250, Fforddlas Cottage 4.5 miles away sleeps 5 and costs £250. There are also other self catering and B&Bís within a radius of 7 miles; all of these offer accommodation from £50 - £100 per night. Some of the other attractions near Bronllys Castle are a few churches and other Castles.





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