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Brugge Sint Pieters

Hotels near Brugge Sint Pieters, Bruges, Belgium .

Brugge Sint Pieters

Brugge Sint Pieters Station is a railway line along the 51 (Brugge - Blankenberge), not far from the south branch of the Blue Tower (? Railway 51A Brugge - Zeebrugge) in the district of Bruges Sint-Pieters-op-den-Dijk, Belgium. Brugge Sint Pieters Station was opened on the 16th of August 1863

The closest airports are: Ostend-Bruges and Lesquin. There are two public parking lots in the area: Parking Begijnhof and Parking Centrum. The station is served by many bus lines as a bus station is located right outside the train station building.

Some of the most visited landmarks in the city are: Boudewijn Seapark, St Salvator Cathedral, Grand Market, Belfry and Halles, Belfry and Halles, Provinciaal Hof , The Gruuthusemuseum. Tourists as well as locals getting off at this train station can enjoy and admire some of the finest attractions in Bruges: monuments, museums, shopping areas and business centers. Diamondmuseum, Memling Museum - St John Hospital, The Groeninge museum, Baron Ruzettepark, Jan Breydel Stadium, Bruges Concert Hall, Bruges City Theatre are just a few of the most beautiful sites and most popular touristic attractions located around, that lure thousands of tourists to this place every year.
Spacious and elegant accommodation spots, offering cozy individually decorated rooms, excellent services and friendly personnel are conveniently located near Brugge Sint-Pieters Train Station. Some of the most highly rated hotels around the station are: NH Brugge, Hotel Egmond, Academie, Boat hotel De Barge, Hotel Salvators, prices starting from 36.55 per room, per night.






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