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Brussels National Airport

Hotels near Brussels National Airport, Brussels, Belgium .

Brussels is at the heart of Belgian Culture, and the Brussels National Airport is the main airport of Belgium's capital. Located 11 km northeast of Brussels, in the municipality called Zaventem, this airport in the gateway to the Flemish traditions of the Brabant Region. The airport hosts intercontinental flights from Canada, USA, China, South Africa, Mexico and other destestinations, making it a very busy hub. In fact, in 2008 it had over 235.000 commercial flights, transporting 18.5 million people, making it one of the busiest airports in the world, and the busiest in Belgium. To get to the city, you can go by car or by express bus for 3 euros. You should buy your ticket from the ticket office, otherwise you can buy it for 4 euros on the bus. You can easily find accomodation near the airport: the closest Hotel is the Sheraton Brussels Airport Hotel, 39 paces from the airport entrance, and a room per night will cost you around 115 euros. Most of the hotels near the airport offer free shuttles that depart from the airport and take you to the hotel. The other hotels offer rooms for at least 100 euros. In the city centre, hotel prices are about 100 euros per room minimum, but you can find rooms for 70 euros, but you need to book your room in time. After a good rest, you can explore EU's de facto capital city. Among the numerous EU institutions like the Parliament, the Council or the European Commission, but also the NATO headquarters, you can be delighted by small wonders like the Manneken Pis, a small and very famous fountain of a peeing boy, the best waffles in Europe, over 80 museums and a lot of canals you can go sightseeing on. The capital of Europe has it's large and little wonders, so be sure to plan ahead so you can get the best out of the city! Official Link: Wiki Link:





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