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Bugatti Circuit

Hotels near Bugatti Circuit, Le Mans, France .

Bugatti Circuit in France

Bugatti Circuit is a race track located in Le Mans, France.

This race track was opened in the year 1965. The race track is named after Ettore Bugatti. It is the home base for the Pescarolo Sport. This sport was founded by Henri Pescarolo who is a famous French driver. The Bugatti circuit hosts a round of Moto GP Championship and a round of DTM which is a German Touring Car series. It hosts the 24 hour of Le Mans motorcycle race. It also hosts several French club races.

The Bugatti circuit uses a part of largest circuit and also has a separate section. The section includes the pit complex, Ford Chicane and the straight where the Dunlop Tires Bridge is located. A left right sweep was added in the overlapping section of the race track for safety of the motorcycle in the year 2002. The left turning vehicles will continue to the Circuit de la Sarthe and the right turning vehicles will continue to the Bugatti circuit.

The race track is around 70 kms from the airport. Hotel Emeraude is a three star hotel near the track. The charge per day in this hotel is 64.

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