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Hotels near Bundek, Zagreb, Croatia .

Bundek is a park around the lake with the same name in the city of Zagreb. It is located south of the Sava River, west of Zaprude and north of Srediöce. Since 1999 the administration belongs to the city district Novi Zagreb - Istok.
Located in Novi Zagreb (New Zagreb), on the southern bank of Sava, this place was in the 60ís and 70ís one of the favorite bathing places in Zagreb. The place was forgotten during the 1980ís and1990ís while it turned into a swamp and a thicket, a small jungle in the city centre. The place was rediscovered and refurbished in 2005 and has ever since become a favorite location for relaxing events and pleasant festivals, or just for spending an afternoon chilling and eating a grill.
Various sporting activities can be done in the area, ranging from a running/cycling track, a beach volley court or a fishing pond. Spare time can be spent here at the local cafes while enjoying the view or take a swim in the lake. Barbeques can be prepared here, a grill rental for free service being available.
Bands and performers can use a floating platform in the middle of the lake in order to sustain concerts. Each year the park hosts a Flora art flower festival and a Fireworks festival in June when the Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra plays in open.
In what accommodation is concerned, there are many local hotels such as Hotel Antunovic Zagreb, Palace Hotel Zagreb or Hotel Dubrovnik which offer rooms with starting prices from 65 Euros.






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