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Hotels near Bunnik, Utrecht, Netherlands .

Bunnik Railway Station

Bunnik is actually a village in Netherlands. The railway station named after the village. Netherlands is located in North western part of Europe. The history of Bunnik can be traced back to 2000 years and the Ancient Roman civilization grew out of the small agricultural community found on the Italian Peninsula. Though the station is small, yet it serves large volumes of traffic and population.

The Bunnik train station was initiated in the year 1868 and is sited at Rhijnspoorweg. Nederlandse Spoorwegen has been assigned the operation of the station. The station was non operative for approximately 34 years and it re-opened in the year 1972. At this time, it was moved to west, about one kilometer further to the west direction.

Fast trains pass through the station at regular intervals. The destinations carried on from this station include Rhenen, Southern Amsterdam Veenendaal and Utrecht.

The main interests that are sited at a close proximity from the Bunnik station and will surely delight your sense of sight are beautiful landscapes, woods and farmland areas. Also, the oldest Hostel for Youth in Netherlands is located close to the station. Overall, it is a busy railway station.






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