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Burton Mound

Hotels near Burton Mound, Santa Barbara, United States .

Burton Mound is an important historic landmark located in the Californian city of Santa Barbara. Burton Mound is today little more than a mound of earth rising up in the center of the city, yet in times past this was an important population center for the Chumash native peoples who inhabited this area prior to European settlement. The indigenous town of Syujtun occupied the area that is now Burton Mound, and during the 20th century the site furnished some of the most valuable archaeological findings to ever be dup up in the state of California.

The Syujtun village was first documented in the 1540s by Spanish explorers, and then again more than two centuries later in the 1760s by a later expedition, noting that it was the most significant native population center in the region. Currently, Burton Mound is cared for by the state's Office of Historic Preservation, part of the State Parks agency. It is considered a California Historical Landmark as of 1939.

When in the area, visitors will discover many nearby hotels and lodging establishments, including the Eagle Inn, the Hotel Oceana and the Harbor View Inn.





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