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Carmarthen Castle

Hotels near Carmarthen Castle, Carmarthen, United Kingdom .

Carmarthen is a small community that is situated on the River Towy and is the oldest town in Wales. In 2001, the combined population of the town's three wards was 13,760. Carmarthen has numerous ancient heritage attractions including the Roman amphitheatre and medieval castle. The Gwili Railway, a section of the former railway line to Aberystwyth, has been re-opened as a heritage railway for tourists. The castle is first mentioned in records dating back to 1094. After 1105 the archives refer to Carmarthen by name, by this time the Norman castle was on its present site. The castle evidently became important early on, and passed into the hands of the crown. Carmarthen was the administrative center of south-west Wales as it had been under the Romans, and inevitably underwent a series of attacks and rebuilding episodes during the turbulent struggles between the Welsh and the English in the 12th and 13th centuries. During these times the Castle was captured and destroyed by Llywelyn the Great in 1215. In 1223 extensive rebuilding work was undertaken by William Marshal the younger Earl of Pembroke, after he had re-captured the castle. Probably at this time that the massive stone defenses were built on the site of the original motte. The castle at Carmarthen, situated on its rocky eminence overlooking the River Twyi, looks dominating and possibly was dominating to the medieval town during its days. The castle was converted into a prison in the 18th and 19th centuries, and the building of the Council offices has also not helped its appreciation as a military entity. However, enough of the castle remains to make a it an interesting place to visit.





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