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Carriel Sur International Airport

Hotels near Carriel Sur International Airport, Concepcion, Chile .

The second largest airport in Chile, the Carriel Sur International Airport services thousands of passengers annually. It is located in Concepcion, and is 500 km south of the capital, Santiago. It services numerous airlines with both international and domestic destinations. LAN is one of its main carriers for international travel, and Sky Airlines and LANExpress are those mainly accommodating domestic travelers. Due to its fairly large size and relative proximity to Santiago, the Carriel Sur International Airport is the main alternative for flights avoiding landing in the capital due to weather. Opened in 1968, the airport was built in order to create a more efficient transportation link between south-central Chile and the rest of the nation. Today it is one of the main aviation destinations in South America. For visitors looking for accommodations near the Carriel Sur International Airport, consider the Hotel Alborada.

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Carriel Sur International Airport