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Castell Dinas Brān

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Castell Dinas Brān is a medieval castle that stands high on a hill above the town of Llangollen in Denbighshire, Wales. It is also the site of an Iron Age hill fort. The castle was not the first building that was built atop Dinas Bran, but rather an Iron Age hillfort that was built around 600 BC. An earthen fortification was constructed probably topped by a wooden palisade and this was further protected by a deep ditch on the shallower southern slope. The walls of the hill fort encircled a village of roundhouses. The castle that is visible today was probably built by Gruffydd II ap Madog son of Madog ap Gruffydd Maelor sometime in the 1260s. During this time Gruffydd II ap Madog was an supporter of Prince Llywelyn ap Gruffydd Prince of Wales, with Powys acting as a buffer state between Llewelyn's heartland of Gwynedd and England. Dinas Brān was one of many castles that were built after the signing of the Treaty of Montgomery which had secured Wales for Llywelyn, free from English interference. The castle can be approached from two directions. On one side from Llangollen the path starts from Canal Bridge and runs alongside Ysgol Dinas Brān. It gradually climbs past several cottages before opening out onto the lower slopes of the hill. A zigzag path then climbs to the summit. The other route starts from 'Offa's Dyke Path' on the north western side of the hill. Though this route is shorter, it is steeper. Official advice to tourists is to equip themselves with stout walking shoes and warm, waterproof clothing before climbing to the castle.





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Castell Dinas Brān