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Castle Bourglinster

Hotels near Castle Bourglinster, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg .

Bourglinster is actually two words – ‘Burg’ and ‘Linster’. The Linster area was first mentioned in a document from 1098, in which there is mention of an old castle, a Burg, in the area.
The Bourglinster Castle was probably founded sometime in the late 10th century. It consisted of an upper and lower castle. The lower castle was possibly finished in the early 15th century. The moat was dug out in the 15th century, but did not protect the castle quite as was planned to, for in 1682 and again in 1684 French troops attacked and destroyed parts of the castle. Almost all the buildings of the lower castle were demolished in the late 17th century.
Bourglinster Castle is in such beautiful condition today thanks to restorations that took place from 1969 to 1988, after the Luxembourgish state bought the castle in 1968. Today it is used to house arts and crafts production, it has a lovely restaurant and there are guided tours of the castle that are available.





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