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Cathedral Muenster

Hotels near Cathedral Muenster, Munster, Germany .

Munster Cathedral also known as St. Paul’s Cathedral is located in the city of Munster which is the capital of Germany’s Westphalia region. Located close to the centre of the city, this cathedral is a dominant structure in Munster. Richly adorned, the cathedral was first constructed in the 13th century and later additions like its Baroque altar and naves were done during the 17th century. In general, the cathedral has Romanesque and Gothic influences in its architecture and over-all construction.

The highlight of Munster Cathedral are its medieval sculptures with some larger than life. From its porches and gates to its interiors, there are many impressive centuries-old sculptures of Christ, The Apostles and other biblical figures. The Paradise Porch is a must see with 13th century sculptures and reliefs.

Aside from sculptures, its 16th century astronomical clock is another attraction inside the Munster Cathedral. This ornately clock also has an astronomical calendar that covers the yeas from 1540 up to 2071. Visitors can also see a cardinal’s tomb in one of its chapels and some reliefs. On its southern side is a plaza or square that holds a market every Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Every Mondays to Saturdays, the cathedral is open from 6:30am–6pm and every Sundays and holidays, it is open from 6:30 am-7:30pm. No admission fee is collection and visitors can take photographs inside the cathedral.

Munster is a bustling city with a well-preserved Old Town with many historical attractions. Sidewalk cafes and restaurants are good places to dine while in this city. Shopping is also a good activity while visiting Munster. For accommodations, there are 3-4 star hotels located close to the Old Town and the central train station with rates starting from 45€-65€.






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