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Cathedral of Siena

Hotels near Cathedral of Siena, Siena, Italy .

Siena, is a small and lovely city in Tuscany, Italy. Its Cathedral, the Cathedral of Siena is also called the Cathedrali di Santa Maria or simple “Duomo” which is the Italian word for “cathedral”. This impressive 13th century structure in the famed Piazza del Duomo is mostly made of marble. Additions and restoration were done in the 14th century like the upper half of its façade.

Cathedral of Siena is the finest Italian Gothic architecture with its lavish decoration from its exterior to its interior. In this cathedral works of famous Italian artists like Donatello, Bernini and Beccafumi are found. The golden mosaics are one of the main features of this cathedral. Other interesting designs and details of the cathedral are its black and white marble pillars, busts of popes and emperors, 59 etched marble panels in its pavement, paintings and frescoes and its octagonal Gothic pulpit where four of its columns stand on lion sculptures.

Every inch of the Cathedral Siena is a work of art of its highest degree that amazes both believers and non believers who come to visit the Duomo. Visitors are welcome to take photographs as long as flash is not used.

Outside the Cathedral Sienna are cafes, restaurants and accommodations for visitors to have more comfortable stay while in the city. The cathedral is also close to other attractions of Sienna. For accommodation, visitors can stay in hotels in the centre of the city or in other locations like in the countryside that have nice views and scenery.






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