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Chatam Sofer Memorial

Hotels near Chatam Sofer Memorial, Bratislava, Slovakia .

In the centre of Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia is a shrine that receives pilgrims from the different Jewish communities in Europe. Chatam Sofer Memorial is named after the famous Orthodox rabbi Chatam Sofer, who lived in Brastislava and his tombs together with other personalities are found inside the memorial.

The place is simple and rigid as it was once a 17th century Jewish cemetery and when the place was converted into other purposes, some of the tombs were transferred to another place. Only the tombs of Chatam Sofer and 21 rabbis were left alone and decades after, a memorial was built in their honor.

It first opened in 2002 and not as publicly open like other tourists attractions since it is a funeral shrine. Interested visitors must coordinate with the local Jewish community to arrange a visit to this place of worship.

Other sights in Bratislava are found in its Old Town where many historic sights and landmarks are located. There are at least 100 accommodations in the city with rates from $150-$250. For dining, there are at least 180 restaurants with some serving international dishes.






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