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Chemnitz University of Technology

Hotels near Chemnitz University of Technology, Chemnitz, Germany .

The Chemnitz University of Technology is in Chemnitz in Germany. In Saxony this institution is the 3rd largest and has over a thousand students. Each year about seven hundred and fifty students are enrolled who come more than a hundred universities around the world. In 1863 this institution was founded and was known as “Royal Mercantile College”. In 1986 it became a technical institution.

The establishment of this institution as the “Royal Mercantile College” was a great help to the so- called industrial revolution. In 1882 about thousands students were enrolled. During the beginning years of the twentieth century Chemnitz became an industrial centre. The institution has played a great role in the development of the place. During the later years of 1960s the institution was composed of Humanities, Natural Sciences, Engineering and Mathematics faculties. In 1986 this college became one official Technical University.

After the reunification of Germany, Chemnitz remained as the 3rd University apart from Dresden and Leipzig within Saxony. In 1992 and in 1993 2 new departments started in the institution. They were Business Administration and Economics department and Social Science and Humanities School. Later the institution started offering combined projects on research besides inter-facultary courses.

Presently the institution consists of the following departments: Business Administration and Economics, Computer Science, Mathematics, Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, Natural Sciences, Mechanical Engineering and Social Sciences and Humanities.

The fields in which the university is conducting research are as follows: Production- Life Cycle, New Materials, Development and Application of Systems, Media, Technology and Communications, Simulation, Modelling and Computing (High Performance) and Micro-electro mechanical and Microelectronics systems.






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