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Chifeng Airport

Hotels near Chifeng Airport, Chifeng, China .

Chifeng Airport is an airport that belongs to the city of Chifeng, in the province of Inner Mongolia, China. The airport is only for domestic flights, and has only three destinations. This means that passengers may have to drop by an international airport and switch planes in order to reach Chifeng, as there are no international airlines that land in Chifeng Airport. The airlines that do land and take off in Chifeng Airport are Air China and Hainan Airlines, and Grand China Express.

It may be said that the reason why there are not a lot of trips into Chifeng Airport is because Chifeng is a relatively small part of China, and some passengers prefer to arrive directly into international airports close by. For those who want to stay for sometime in Chifeng, there are some hotels close to the airport that are easily accessible. Some of these hotels include the Yulong State Guest Hotel Chifeng, Chifeng Hotel Chifeng, and the Xintaihe Hotel Chifeng.







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Chifeng Airport