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Hotels near Christiania, Copenhagen, Denmark .

Christiania, also called Freetown Christiania, is a neighborhood of 850 residents in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Created in 1971, possibly as a protest against the Danish government, the neighborhood was founded as a commune by Jacob Ludvigsen on the former military barracks of Bådsmandsstræde.

Christiania was started as a self-governing society where each person had responsibility for the well being of the entire community. It was to be economically self-sustaining, and was in the business of marijuana trade. This trade “officially” went on until 2004. However, although the neighborhood has banned hard drugs, the underground marijuana trade continues to thrive.

In 1989, the Christiania Law gave the state partial authority over Christiania rather than the city of Copenhagen.

Some of the original military buildings remain in Christiania, and the government is trying to acquire historical protection for them.

Tourists like to visit Christiania as it is an example of something rarely found elsewhere in the world. Meditation, yoga, theater, and the drug trade are all popular here. There is also a “Gay House” (Bøssehuset), a center for theatre, art and homosexual activists. No private cars are allowed in Christiania, although residents can own cars and park them on the perimeter of the neighborhood. It is also home to businesses such as a bike manufacturer, cinema, cafes, restaurants, and galleries.

Accommodations near Christiania include the Radisson Sas Scandinavia, from $216 USD per night, and the Hotel Dangleterre, from $318 USD per night.






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