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Hotels near Coevorden, Emmen, Netherlands .


Coevorden is one of the most attractive places in Emmen, Netherlands.

Coevorden is also a railway station in the town of Coevorden, Drenthe. The station is located on the former railroad Zwolle - Stadskanaal of the northeaster Local Railway Company (NOLS), which today is only the part between Zwolle and Emmen which is in use.

The first part of the railway, the line Zwolle - Coevorden, was opened on July 1, 1905, the second part opened on November 1, 1905.

The current station building Coevorden has had a predecessor; it was the type of NOLS first class. Because of the miserable condition of the building in the late seventies, it was demolished and replaced by a simple but functional building, which still stands today.

The current building is characterized by a massive wooden roof. The design is very similar to the roof of Emmen station (completed in 1965) and station of Gorinchem. The station building is actually two separate buildings, with a common roof..

The train station offers some places where you can eat, a kiosk in the main building, Kuipers café and cafeteria, which are settled in the station.

Some of the most conveniently located hotels are Best Western Hotel Talens and Hotel de Tovenaarsberg, about 5 kilometers from the train station, prices starting from 38 Euros per night.






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