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Coronel Felipe Varela International Airport

Hotels near Coronel Felipe Varela International Airport, Pilar, Argentina .

Located nearby the city of San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca, in the Catamarca Province of Argentina, is the Coronel Felipe Varela International Airport, or Aeropuerto Coronel Felipe Varela. This public airport has a single runway, and is serviced by the commercial carrier Aerolíneas Argentinas with flights to and from Buenos Aires and La Rioja. Although the airfield was built in 1972, construction of the terminal wasn’t completed until 1987. Operated by Aeropuertos Argentina 2000, the airport offers an airport terminal and parking for 35 vehicles, as well as charter services from American Jet to Tucumán and Campo Arenal. Travelers head to Catamarca, Argentina, for attractions like the Church of the Virgin of the Valley, colonial architecture, hiking, mountain-biking, horse riding and wine tasting excursions, and natural wonders like mountains and geologic formations the Antofagasta de la Sierra, Balcones del Valle, the Snow-Covered Summits of Aconquija, and the Pass of San Francisco. Popular cultural attractions include the city of Catamarca, the Las Huellas del Inca archaeological park, prehistoric petroglyphs, and local traditional music and crafts. Choose from accommodations like the Amerian Catamarca Park Hotel, the Ancasti Hotel, the Hotel Arenales, the Hotel El Shincal Residencial and Hotel Pucara.

For more information about the Coronel Felipe Varela International Airport visit Aeropuertos Argentina 2000’s official webpage, at:, or the wikipedia page, at: for airport info in English.





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