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Craig Cave

Hotels near Craig Cave, Tralee, Ireland .

Craig Cave, Tralee, Ireland

Craig Cave in Castleisland, near Tralee in Ireland is the most fascinating natural cave made of limestone with exotic formations of stalagmites, stalactites and calcites inside the tunnels.

Located in Kerry County, Craig Cave is close to the airport and is easily accessible from N21 being only 2km off the highway. This enchanting wonderland was discovered in 1983, but was considered to be more than a million years old. The cave winds and unwinds into smaller tunnels with breathtaking sights waiting to surprise you. As limestone is a porous rock, rainwater seeps in through it forming cracks and as water gets accumulated in the tunnel through these cracks, little streams are born. The tiny streams make the most astounding sounds and one can hear these amazing sound effects as they walk through the tunnels.

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