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Delfinario Rimini

Hotels near Delfinario Rimini, Rimini, Italy .

Rimini is a city of over 140,000 inhabitants situated in Italy and located on the northern coast of the Adriatic Sea in the provence Emilia-Romagna. Within Rimini is the ever-popular Dolphinarium, opening from April to September, or Delfinario Rimini as the locals call it.

As well as displays and exhibit for visitors, the biologists of Rimini's Dolphinarium collaborate with Universities to create important research projects, including the use of 'dolphin therapy' to treat autistic children.

The Delfinario of Rimini helps in sustaining various projects as RAINBOW and CICETEKELO, which help widowed and street children in one of the poorest state of Africa such as Zambia.
Getting to Delfinario Rimini is very easy: by train (Stazione FF.SS. di RIMINI), by plane (Aeroporto di RIMINI) , by bus from the Rimini station (Bus lines no. 7 or no. 11), by tram or by car (from the Highway A14 follow the directions to Seaside and Harbour - RIMINI SUD).
Nearby hotels offering accommodation are National Hotel, Sunflower Beach Backpacker , Litoraneo Apartment Hotel average prices 40 Euros.






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