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Den Dolder

Hotels near Den Dolder, Utrecht, Netherlands .

Den Dolder
The Den Dolder railway station is located in Den Dolder, a city in the province of Utrecht, Netherlands. The Del Dolder railway station comes under the municipality of Zeist and it almost 5 kms to the north east of Bilthoven. The railway route at Del Dolder runs between Amersfoort and Utrecht. The original station began in the latter half of the 19th century however the present island platform has been in existence since 1914.The Den Dolder railway station is situated on the Centraalspoorweg and the Stitchse lijn routes.
The city of Den Dolder is renowned for its mental institutions namely Denneendal and Willem Arntz Hoeve. The city is also the home for Remia, a sauce manufacturing company in Netherlands. The site of the Remia sauce factory is quite visible from the Den Dolder station and the slogan, “the Holland’s Heart of Sauces” written on one of the factory’s side is quite visible while passing through the Den Dolder railway station by a train.
The Soesterberg airport and the De Bilt airport are two small airports nearby the Den Dolder railway station while the Amsterdam Schipol airport is nearly 38 kilometers from the station. Though there are trains from the airport in Amsterdam to reach to Den Dolder, directly.
Hotels available in the region are Hotel Ernst Sillem Hoeve and Hilton Royal Parc Soestduinen, only three kilometers from the Den Dolder Station, with prices starting from € 65 per night






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