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Dillon Amtrak Station

Hotels near Dillon Amtrak Station, Dillon (South Carolina), United States .

Getting around the Southeast for cheap can be a little complicated, with airfares usually a little rough on the wallet. For an affordable travel option that's faster and more efficient than taking a bus, there's always the country's rail system.

One of the quickest and most affordable ways to get from Dillion, South Carolina to just about anywhere else is via Amtrak. Originally a part of The Atlantic Coast Line Railroad, Dillon Amtrak Station has been open since the late 1890s, with the official passenger station opening in 1904. Today, the station is operated by Amtrak, which operates its Palmetto line through the station.

Passenger traffic has been up in the past couple of years at Dillon Amtrak Station. There's no ticket office, so tickets must be purchased at another Amtrak location, or online, before the day of departure. There is, however, a waiting area that's shielded from the elements, as well as the use of pay phones during the station's operating hours.

Dillon Amtrak Station is open daily from 8:40am until 10:40am and from 6:10pm until 8:10pm. Travel from the station runs either north, towards New York, or south, towards Savannah. A number of hotels are just a short distance from the station, including The Heart of Dillon Motel, The Hampton Inn Dillon, and Columns Bed and Breakfast.

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Dillon Amtrak Station