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Hotels near Dong-Cheng, Beijing, China .

Dongcheng District is one of the many districts in Beijing, China. It has an estimated population of 535,558 and covered an area of 24.7 square kilometers. The district consists of several major and important parts of the city such as Dongdan, Wangfujing, the Beijing Railway Station, the northeastern part of the 2nd Ring Road and the Eastern Chang’an Avenue.

Dongcheng District is considered as the second largest precinct in the old city area. Before communism was prevalent, most wealthy people and numerous middle classes were residents of the district.

Dongcheng District is also a popular tourist destination because of the numerous well-known areas that are found in it. Some of these areas include Yong He Gong Lamasery, Forbidden City, Temple of Confucius, Tian’anmen Square, National Museum of China, Zhongshan Park, Temple of Earth, Beijing Gulou and Zhonglou, the China Art Gallery, the Zhihua Si Temple, Science and Technology Museum and many others.

There are several hotels that are located in the Dongcheng District. Most of them offer a warm welcome and excellent service to their guests. These hotels include Zi Long Hotel Beijing, Bo Tai Hotel Beijing, Industry and Commerce Hotel Beijing, Fu Hua Jin Bao Hotel Beijing, Tian Rong Hotel and many others.







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