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Drumcliffe High Cross and Round Tower

Hotels near Drumcliffe High Cross and Round Tower, Sligo, Ireland .

The remains of a 6th century monastery founded by St. Colmcille (St. Columba), the Drumcliffe High Cross and Round Tower still stand in Sligo, Ireland. The crosses stand in a graveyard by the side of the road, and part of a round tower is also still standing.

One of the crosses is a plain shaft with the head missing. The other cross is an elaborately decorated Celtic or Irish High Cross standing 13 feet tall. Animals and Biblical characters are engraved on both sides. It is made of hard sandstone containing a lot of quartz.

The Round Tower is said to have been struck by lightning in 1396, and most of the tower was used then to build a bridge nearby.

Near Drumcliffe are a variety of accommodations from which tourists can choose. Renting from $150 USD per night, the Benbulben Apartments are four miles from Drumcliffe, in Sligo, and offer one or two bedrooms with a kitchenette. Also nearby is the Sligo Southern Hotel and Leisure Center, located about 4 miles from Drumcliffe. This rents from $130 USD per night and includes amenities such as a jacuzzi, indoor gym, pool, steam room, and sauna, along with a restaurant. Its close proximity to train and bus stations makes it a favorite among return guests.





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