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Edmonds Station

Hotels near Edmonds Station, Edmonds, United States .

In the Puget Sound area of Washington state, just to the north of the city of Seattle, visitors will be able to arrive to the area at the Edmonds Amtrak Station, located in the smaller city of Edmonds. The station is located at 211 Railroad Avenue, and the hours of operation are roughly from 7am through 10pm, with a hough hour break between 12:30pm and 1pm, daily.

The Edmonds Amtrak Station falls along the Empire Builder and the Cascades routes, the former of which connects Chicago on one end and Seattle on the other, and the latter of which connects Seattle on one end and Vancouver, Canada on the other. The station includes a waiting area and is staffed by an Amtrak employee, which means that baggage can be checked and there is baggage assistance for boarding and unboarding trains.

There is also a public commuter train, the Sound Transit's Sounder Commuter Rail, which heads south into Seattle thrice daily in the morning, with three services returning later in the day.

Visitors passing through the Edmonds Amtrak Station that need to find lodging accommodations nearby will find the Northwest Country Inn, the Edmongs Inn Bed and Breakfast, or the Best Western Edmonds Harbor Inn to be readily available, among many other options.





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Edmonds Station