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Ehrenbichl Castle

Hotels near Ehrenbichl Castle, Klagenfurt, Austria .

The first castle of Ehrenberg, Austria was built in the 1200s. It was later expanded and became the legal center of the area.

The castle's fortifications are located on a strategically important point called the Ehrenberger Klause (which means “gorge” or "narrows"). This narrow pass down to the plain around Reutte separates the Lech valley area from the region known as Zwischentoren and the Fernpass. Early in the 19th century, the castle was largely destroyed in the French invasion of Tyrol.

Today, the remaining ruins of Ehrenberg Castle is run as a European Castle Museum. The Ehrenberg Castle complex includes four different areas: the hermitage or “Klause”, the Ehrenberg castle ruins, the Schlosskopf fortress and Fort Claudia. The buildings are being renovated by the historical association and offer many walking trails from one set of fortifications to another. From March to October, a multi-media show called- "Ehrenberg Historical" is shown twice a week . Tickets for the events are available from tourist offices and some accommodation owners in the area.

As this castle is not a touristy area, nearby accommodations are not as easy to find. The Vital Hotel Sommer Füssen is on the shore of lake Forggensee between the famous Musical Theater Neuschwanstein and Füssen's old town -- in the middle of the most beautiful landscape in Germany. It is only minutes away from famous storybook castle Neuschwanstein and from Ehrenberg Castle. The hotel offers packages including breakfast and spa treatments for $425 USD per person per night. Another choice for lodging in the area is the Hotel Maximilian in Reutte, Austria. These family-oriented accommodations are set in a beautiful rural setting, for $135 USD per night.





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