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Hotels near Elisabeth-Anna-Palais, Oldenburg, Germany .

The Elisabeth-Anna-Palais is a secular building located in Oldenburg, Lower Saxony, Germany.

This palace was built in 1896 by Frederick Augustus, the last ruling grand duke of Oldenburg, as the new home of the ducal family, situated between the Schloss and the Augusteum, in a Baroque imitation style. While the building was being constructed, Frederick Augustus's wife, Princess Elisabeth Anna of Prussia, died , so the new building was named in her memory.

Frederick Augusts moved into the building with his second wife and family in 1896, but was forced by revolutionaries to flee in 1918 when he renounced his dukedom. After his resignation the Palais was used for other purposes, today housing the Sozialgericht Oldenburg.

Accommodations in the area include the Hotel Wieting, dated from 1893 and a five-minute walk to the palace, for $130 USD per night including breakfast; the four-star City Club Hotel, with amenities such as sauna, indoor pool, and solarium, for $160 USD per night including breakfast; and the Hermes Hotel Oldenburg, an all-inclusive breakfast hotel for $160 USD per night.





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