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Hotels near Emmen, Emmen, Netherlands .


Emmen is situated on the southernmost tip of the Netherlands. The area has a lot of forest and is known for its dolmens and Stone Age burial members. The terminal railway station situated in Emmen is known as Emmen Railway station. The location of the station is on the Emmerlijn which is also known as Zwolle - Emmen. The Nederlandse Spoorwegen operates the railway and other services of this station. It is pretty easy to reach Emmen by boarding a train from Amsterdam and the entire journey takes around two and an half hour.
The station was opened in the year 1905. The sleek station building is eye soothing for the tourists. The station suffered from the bombings of Second World War and later portions of it were re built. The railway track continues for a short distance to a headshunt where trains actually wait for sometime before it returns. Previously, the track used to continue up to stations like Exloo, Weerdinge and Buinen. But, this track was closed in late fifties.
Though the train service from the station, it is easy to reach places like Zwolle, Coevorden and Almelo. Only two types of train services are available from Emmen and these are Sneltrein and Stoptrein services. Just in front the station, there is a bus stop from where regional and local bus services can be availed. Eelde is the nearest airport from the station and is at a distance of 40 Kms. Accommodation is possible in hotels like Lubbelinkhof Hampshire Classic and Residence Hunzebergen which are within 10 Kms from the station.






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