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Emmen Centrum Beeldende Kunst

Hotels near Emmen Centrum Beeldende Kunst, Emmen, Netherlands .

The Emmen Centrum Beeldende Kunst rests in the second largest city in the Northern Netherlands. The town of Emmen is known for its interest in culture, as proved in the Centrum.

Constructed by architect S.Y. Dijkstra, the structure became the new city hall of Emmen in 1972. Since then, the Centrum houses multiple professional visual arts exhibitions, along with amateur art, photography, and archeology.

Visitors can explore the museum on Tuesdays from 10AM to 12PM and on Thursdays from 6:30PM to 8:30PM. If the Centrum is not enough for travelers, they can continue on to the Glasshouse horticulture, a greenhouse in the city with 265 hectares under glass.






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