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Essex Junction Amtrak Station

Hotels near Essex Junction Amtrak Station, Essex Junction, United States .

All over the country, the rate of passengers traveling by train is significantly up. In 2008, there was an almost 22 percent increase in riders leaving from the Essex Junction Amtrak Station. One of the larger stations on the Vermonter line of Amtrak's rails, the stop has become the third-busiest stop in the state. Nearby Burlington is also served by the station.

Far from the bustling urban version of a train station, Essex Junction Amtrak Station has a simple waiting room and free parking. There's no ticket office, so travelers just make sure they have their travel arrangements set ahead of time. The station is open from eight until ten in the morning and from 7:44pm until 9:44pm daily.

There are a number of hotels and inns in the surrounding area by Essex Junction Amtrak Station, but most of them are in Burlington or a moderate drive from the train stop. Some of the lodging options that are less than a half hour drive away include The Luxury Hotel Vermont, The Inn at Essex Burlington, The Essex Resort and Spa, and The Handy Suites Essex.

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Essex Junction Amtrak Station