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The European Quarter, Strasbourg, is located in an area covering the districts of Wacken, Orangerie and Robertsau in the north-west of the city and comprising the intersection of the River Ill and the Marne-Rhine Canal.

The first specific European construction in the area was the Council of Europe's House of Europe in 1949, with the Rhine Commission being situated towards the centre of the city. The Audiovisual Observatory and the Institute for Human Rights are the only institutions in the quarter to have moved into existing premises: a 1900 villa and an 18th-century former postal relay station and inn, respectively. The Arte headquarters, prior separated in several buildings across the town, were united in a single spacious building close to the Louise Weiss building in 2003.

The Strasbourg tramway saw an extension on 14 November 2007 into the European Quarter. While the Council of Europe has seen two new buildings being established in 2006 and 2008, the European Union has constructed no new buildings in Strasbourg since 1999.

The first European institution to be located in the city was the Central Commission for Navigation on the Rhine. Set up in 1815 by the Congress of Vienna, it is the oldest international organization in the world but has only been homed in Strasbourg since 1920.

The European Parliament has four edifices in the quarter. It previously used the building of the Council of Europe to hold its meetings until 1999 when it completed its main construction, the Louise Weiss building, across the river from the Palace of Europe.

The Council of Europe has eight buildings in the district, its main building being shared with the European Parliament.

The first building to be finished was the House of Europe, inaugurated in 1950 but torn down in 1977 when it was replaced by the current Palace of Europe.

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