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European Quarter

Hotels near European Quarter, Strasbourg, France .

Brussels is considered to be the unofficial capital of the European Union, having a long history of housing the institutions of the European Union within its European Quarter.

European Quarter of Brussels is the unofficial name given to the area corresponding to the approximate triangle between Brussels Park, Cinquantenaire Park and Leopold Park. The Commission and Council are situated in the heart of this area near to the Schuman station at the Schuman roundabout on the Rue de la Loi. The European Parliament is situated above the Brussels-Luxembourg station, next to Luxembourg Square.

The area itself was historically residential, an aspect which was rapidly lost when the institutions moved in. Historical and residential buildings, although still present, have been mostly replaced by modern offices. These constructions were built not according to a high quality master plan or government initiative, but according to speculative private sector construction of office space, without which most buildings of the institutions would not have been built. However, due to Brussels's tries to consolidate its position, there was large government investment in infrastructure in this quarter.

The most representative structure is the Berlaymont, the primary seat of the Commission. It was the first construction to be built for the Community, originally in the 1960s.

The Parliament's buildings, known as Espace Léopold, are situated to the south between Leopold Park and Luxembourg Square, over Brussels-Luxembourg Station which is underground.

Across the Rue de la Loi from the Berlayont is the Justus Lipsius building which hosts the Council of the European Union and the European Council.

The Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions both occupy the Delors building, which is next to Leopold Park and used to house the Parliament.
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