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Aalborg Airport

Hotels near Aalborg Airport, Aarhus, Denmark .

Aalborg Airport (AAL), though much smaller than the two major airports in Denmark, has recently expanded due to a marked increase in passenger and flight demand. Current tallies show it surpassing Aarhus Airport as the third busiest airport. This, renovated airport is 6 km from the town center of Aalborg in northern Jutland. Much of the airport flight traffic is owed to North Jutland being the most popular vacation destination in Denmark.

Sun Air, SAS, Norwegian, and Cimber-Sterling all fly domestic flights from Copenhagen to Aalborg. Copenhagen is the hub of many EU flights, flying on to Aalborg takes only forty minutes more.

Transportation services from Aalborg Airport are excellent. A wide variety of car rental services means rates stay competitive. There are two bus services and taxis are available. If needed there is a tourist help desk at the arrival terminal.

The closest hotels are 3 miles (4.8 km) from the airport, with some scattered as far as 10 to 12 km. However, because of the good transportation system it might be reasonable to wander farther afield from this airport. Like other Scandinavian locales, hotel rates are higher relative to other EU countries, with a superior rated hotel costing approximately 150 dollars and upwards. Almost all hotels and lodges are clean and suitable. Two which are more highly rated and close to Aalborg Airport are First Slotshotel Aalborg (4.8 km from airport) and Radisson Blu Limfjord Hotel (6 km).

Aalborg Airport prides itself as being one of the safest places in the world. If time permits it is a short jaunt to the beautiful beaches, amazing dunes, scenes of Viking history, or walk the cliffs of the North Sea. Even late at night the many wonderful restaurants are open quite late and Aalborg’s streets, like the airport itself, are generally safe and secure.






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