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Aarhus Airport

Hotels near Aarhus Airport, Aarhus, Denmark .

Aarhus Airport (AAR) is located in Tirstrup Denmark, 37 km northeast of the city of Aarhus itself. Aarhus is the capital of the Jutland peninsula and is second in size only to Copenhagen. Some travelers have noted the airport is small and can become crowded.

SAS, Sun Air, Norwegian, Ryanair and Cimber-Sterling provide domestic connection flights from the international hub in Copenhagen.

Car rental and taxi services are good but public transportation can be spotty. There is a bus service which takes passengers into Aarhus and back. The airport shuttle system to from hotels is noted to be quite reliable.

Recent excavations have determined Aarhus existed as a city from around 770, making it one of the earliest Scandinavian cities. Further digs may push that date back even further. If this raises your curiousity, consider a visit to the Moesgård Museum. Another option if you do get an opportunity to visit Aarhus, the Michelin guide gives three stars to tourist destination The Old Town which is a collection of actual homes from the last 500 years of Danish history replete with furnishings and an historical assembly of (very!) antique tools, toys, and other remarkable finds.

There is no rated lodging in the city of Tirstrup where the airport sits. If you do not have private transportation, you may count on the shuttle system to get you to the airport in good time from Aarhus where the hotels are from 22-39 km from the airport. There are innumerable three star valued hotels and many more less expensive yet clean and accommodating two star lodging. Prices vary from 85-250 dollars a night and the best course is to read a variety of reviews or, better yet, chat with other travelers who have traveled through Aarhus Airport and spent the night in nearby lodgings.






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