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Flemisch Opera

Hotels near Flemisch Opera, Antwerp, Belgium .

The Flemish Opera

The Flemish Opera is an opera company in Belgium which operates in two different opera houses in two Flemish cities, the Vlaamse Opera Antwerpen at Van Ertbornstraat 8 and the Vlaamse Opera Ghent at Schouwburgstraat 3.
The Flemish Opera was built in 1907 by the architect A Van Mechelen. The golden piecework and the marble interior are illustrative for the importance and beauty of this building.
The organization is primarily financed by the Flemish government and the city councils of Antwerp and Ghent.
In its current state, it was created in 1996 as a successor to "Vlaamse Opera Stichting" and "Opera voor Vlaanderen". Both former operas were similar fusions between the former opera houses of Antwerp and Ghent.
The opera house in Antwerp closed in 2005 for a 2-year restoration of the entire building. In November 2007, exactly 100 years post the grand opening in 1907, the opera opened again for a new season. New office buildings where constructed, the main auditorium was updated with new seating, a new heating system was installed and the walls were painted in a new fresh green color. The offices are now combined together in the new 'Office territory' behind and next to the stage. Major improvements are the leveling of the stage floor, a big new side stage, updated lighting and mechanical systems.
Due to budget limitations (the first budget estimate for the entire renovation was 33 million euro but, after certain non critical phases were removed from the master plan, the total budget remained 24 million euros), only the most urgent tasks were executed. Therefore, not all the ornaments where refurbished and the public hallways are painted white. It is expected that when new funds are available, the golden ornaments and hallways will be restored.

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