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Fostoria Amtrak Station

Hotels near Fostoria Amtrak Station, Fostoria, United States .

It's no secret that the middle of the country is a region most often serviced by the trains and buses, rather than by airplanes. The state of Ohio, despite having a number of larger cities, is no exception to that rule. That's why Fostoria Amtrak Station in Fostoria, Ohio, was such an important part of transportation for the city.

The station, while no longer serviced by Amtrak, is still historically significant even if it's not currently under operations. Located on South Main Street, it was originally built by The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, which revolutionized rail service in the area. Over the years, it provided a great deal of transportation to locals, in a town where many people would rather take the Greyhound or the Amtrak than head to the nearest airport.

The station itself is a small, quaint building. Service officially stopped in 2004 due to Amtrak's decision to switch its Three Rivers line to only service New York to Pittsburgh. The spot is now owned by CSX, which runs commercial trains on the rails.

A number of downtown hotels are close by, including The Fairfield Inn by Marriott and The Quality Inn.

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Fostoria Amtrak Station